Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Me" Time? No, "We" Time.

So, take a look at this end...does anything about it bother you?

I hear from them at least once a mile. Luckily, T-Mobile proved my signal strength, street by street, before I signed up. Which is important, if I get a crisis call about a missing binkie. When it comes to my coverage, T-Mobile works great.

My thoughts: Holy God. She is ALWAYS "on call" for her family. She clearly gets no "me" time. No personal time. No time to breathe. I am not a mom myself, but I've known plenty of moms to say fairly confidently that they all need a break sometime. Who wouldn't? And a clearly (or so I thought) perfect time to be alone is on a nice jog.

And the specifics of this ad bother me to no end. A call AT LEAST EVERY MILE. Grrrrrreat. Just keeping running, lady. Like, out of the state.

Additionally, it's a crisis call about a missing "binkie" (is that the standard American lingo now?). Of course it's not a crisis call about an international financial transaction or someone from the office needing her expert opinion for a report. DO NOT GET ME WRONG: There is nothing wrong with stay-at-home-moms/full-time moms/motherhood, etc. etc. I am just mad that this ad is seemingly mocking the stresses of her every day life while simultaneously burdening her with them.

I don't think I have evaluated this ad at all as eloquently as I had planned. Dontcha hate it when that happens?

But, in any case, this lady needs to take a hint from Forrest Gump: JUST KEEP RUN-NING. And eat a lot of chocolate.

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