Saturday, March 20, 2010

Venue #2: Houston Mill House

Alright, sorry to leave you hanging! What a week!!

I'm proud to present Venue #2: the Houston Mill House!

Unfortunately, the first time RightHand and I visited (um, hint? ;) we forgot to take pictures!! So here is what I found online:

The house in bloom

The fountain in front

The house as I picture it in my mind (less bloomage)

The front fountain and a lucky bride!

Magazine spread featuring an HMH wedding

To re-cap:

Pros of the HMH:
-English cottage-like (aka not Southern!)
-Outdoor ceremony location sort of separate, but very near the house
-Option to have cocktails and dinner inside or outside, deciding nearly the day of!
-Back patio and overlooking balconies are incredible!
-Very lax about decorations
-Saturday (instead of Sunday) wedding is affordable
-Huge discounts because they've had a bad season (Discounted prices, lots of stuff included)
-Affiliated with the Emory Conference Center Hotel, which is eco-friendly (and where we'd get a free stay on our wedding night!)
-Historical (The groom's getting-ready room is where Jimmy Carter stayed while The Carter Center was being built!)
-Two options for our guest accommodations
-Semi-prestigious place to be married!

Cons of the HMH:
-Semi-prestigious place to be married! :) (Not really our thing/concern!)
-Back-up ceremony location is on the darker bottom floor of the house
-Noise ordinance doesn't allow outside music (except during the ceremony)
-Small(ish) dance room, so a live band would be too loud (although this would save us big bucks to just have a DJ!)
-Due to eco-friendliness, won't water if there's a drought, etc. (Oh please water my wedding flowers!!)
-Don't seem overly wedding-oriented/we-are-here-to-serve you

Would love to know your thoughts! (You can review Venue #1 here). And stayed tuned for choice #3...

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