Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cookin' Up a Storm*

* Haha- get it? Because GA had severe storms last night? In which one man died...right. Okay, no more laughing.

Although I continue to eat most of my dinners out of boxes and cans, I have been pushing myself to start trying, at least once a week, one of the mountains and mountains of recipes I keep finding and tossing into my Recipe Drawer of Infinity and Beyond.
And now, I'd like to share a few of the results with you. (If you really want the recipe to one, just let me know. Also, these are the cooking/baking blogs that I follow and that rock: Bakerella, Culinary Couture, Joy the Baker, and Smitten Kitchen.)

This is one of my first meals- salmon with soy sauce over couscous and collard greens. It rocked.

A rigatoni, eggplant, and tomato recipe that taught me that I have been waiting for Ricotta cheese all my life. (Again, where have you been?! I love you!)

RightHand and I thought a steak with coffee grounds recipe sounded interesting. Interesting it was, delicious it was not. Bye bye, recipe.

I felt like I hit a milestone with these peanut lettuce wraps. So restaurant-like! So delicious! I even found Hoison sauce at the grocery store all by myself ::pats back::.

A very dull pasta, another recipe elimination.

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