Sunday, February 8, 2009

My 25 Things...

Really couldn't believe how many people did this little activi-tay on Facebook! I finally got around to it so I thought I'd share it here:

1. I complain about it, but I love when my big 15-pounder cat sleeps on me.

2. I love spooning. A lot.

3. My favorite flowers are tulips and daisies.

4. I am in recovery from anorexia.

5. When I’m with someone, I sometimes miss being single. But when I’m single, oh, how I long to be with someone.

6. The next countries I’d like to visit are Italy, Ireland, India, and Africa (North, South and in between…and yes, I know it’s a continent- work with me!)

7. Finding time to shave my legs stresses me out.

8. I have re-dated all of my ex-boyfriends except one.

9. I have a huge fear of finding a dead body in a bathroom stall.

10. I was mauled by a German Shepherd when I was younger and they are one of my favorite dog breeds today.

11. I am very distrustful of generic prescriptions, no matter how many times the pharmacist reassures me.

12. I share my dad’s love of trains and almost always get out of my car at the railroad crossing to watch the train go by.

13. One of my favorite memories is when my dad and I were running around Edinburgh, Scotland at night in the rain trying to find the garden that inspired Treasure Island (we think we did). :)

14. “96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians is my favorite oldie.

15. I seem to think of a new life dream/goal everyday and it gets very overwhelming.

16. I am not used to living in debt and law school expenses and loans freaking me out.

17. I get violently angry when people do not use their turn signal or just cruise along in the left lane- slower traffic keep right, people!!!

18. I have “baby fever” soooo badly!! Can’t wait to have kids! :) But don’t worry, I’m waiting quite awhile…

19. The only shows I watch on TV: LOST, The Office, and 30 Rock. With more than just basic cable, I would live on HGTV and Animal Planet.

20. I’m not THAT opposed to being a housewife/homemaker as long as I don’t go stir-crazy. But, I think I would. So nevermind.

21. My favorite color is pink. Pink pink pink everything pink yay!

22. It depresses me that I have to get up and shower…every…day….boring…

23. So far, my sleep record is 14 hours, but I know I can and will break that.

24. I have my license to carry a concealed weapon.

25. I love love. (Classic inside joke…and so true)

And now, I tag all of YOU!! :)

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