Monday, February 16, 2009

Not So Super

Better late than never, right? Glad you agree, because here is my short take on the SuperBowl, which happened last month, I KNOW! :( Life needs to pause for a minute or two...

Anyway, I was under the impression that the feminist movement had gained even more ground since the 1920s but alas, I was mistaken. Okay, okay, I won't be that pessimistic. And God knows that women everywhere have worked SO. DAMN. HARD. to get us where we are. All I'm trying to say is that the Super Bowl ads this year struck me as especially offensive and stereotypically gendered. A few examples (I am putting my commentary after each clip so you can watch them first without my opinion affecting you):

Of course the womea's clothes fly off. Of course the male cop's clothes don't. I understand that it is based on a man's fantasy, but that's just it. Does that mean that men want women's clothing to fly off randomly during the day? I guess. But don't forget the golden rule: NO FATTIES!

Yet another one where men are trying to get women to take their clothes off. It's getting rather dull. Anytime a woman excels, especially in a male-dominated sport such as racing, men must assert their power by making her more vulnerable in other ways. And no, I don't want to go online to see the "shocking" conclusion. The only shocking conslusion would be the chauvinistic teens realizing they need to respect women.

This ad starts out as a pretty entertaining piece with some shock value that makes you dying to know what is happening, but they lose me at the end. Once again, only men are tough enough for something. And frankly, this sends a pretty high pressure message to men. Remember, mysogyny hurts us all.

And of course, where would we be without the obligatory portrayal of a woman as a chatting, obnoxious shrew. Even Mrs. Potato Head! Proof that women everywhere, no matter the "species" are always nagging...never saying anything important or helpful... oh nooooo....

Do I seem angry? Well, I think there is good reason to be. And if you are going to comment just to tell me that I need to lighten up, they're just commercials, etc. etc., don't bother. You're wrong.

Anyway, just to prove that I wasn't all sour on that fateful Sunday, here are two of the ads that made me smile. A lot.

Happy Monday, everyone. :)


Dingo said...

Don't tell anyone but I didn't watch the Superbowl. I youtubed the commercials though. Why are they getting more and more sexist every year? Is it some sort of backlash against feminism?

I like the Forever Young commercial. It should be a lesson to other advertisers -- you can be inclusive and non-offensive and still make a great commercial!

jeannie said...

Mehhhh.....I don't know about the Pepsi commercial and its conspicuous dearth of women. I counted only six women out of the probably twenty or so people in it, and three of them were in bikinis. BARF.

jeannie said...

Oh, AND at least the guy in the Doritos commercial gets hit by a bus. That's justice.