Monday, November 16, 2009

Remember When...

I feel like a new mom who desperately wants to capture everything about their newborn and this special time in their life before time slips away... (And I do love hearing from my mom about my incredibly good smell and my rosebud lips. :) But, it's true. There are many things I want to remember about this awesome time in my life:

1. RightHand would like me to remember that he let me think I was choosing where we would go walking on Saturday. Noted, my handsome mastermind.

2. RightHand's pants were wet on the Friday night before the proposal, from cavorting on the banks of the river to plant the letterbox. I asked him about the damp britches. He says (now) that he knew if he acted annoyed about my intrusive questions I would leave him alone. One defensive "I don't know, just let it go!" later, it worked.

3. I love the ring. I truly love the ring. And I most love that he picked it out himself.

4. I can't stop daydreaming. I daydream about the wedding, a future house, future pets, moving in together... It feels as though there are a million surprises and gifts ahead, and I'm sure there are.

5. One of the first questions I asked after the proposal is "Is it conflict free?!!" I was so proud of myself! And it was. I'm so proud of him!

6. Everything feels fresh and new again. I am reinvigorated in a way that I've never been.

7. RightHand told me not to start planning the wedding until after the bar. I was signed up on within 24 hours. :)

8. I can't be without the ring for more than a few minutes. I look at it often, hate taking it off to wash my hands, apply lotion, etc. and yes, it does sleep in its box on my nightstand. :)

9. Rather than the fabled golden retriever, it is now RightHand who is lovingly called "Fifi"- a little nickname for "fiance." And he secretly loves it. Very secretly...

10. I am randomly belting out to RightHand "You liked it so you put a ring on it!!!" in a charmingly off-key custom rendition.

11. I did not get the magical book that clearly every other engaged couple received that lets you know where to go from here. This must be remedied STAT. (Law school and med school knowledge- double threat!! ;)

12. I am so happy.

13. Oh, you want to just see the damn ring already? Okay, here is what my crappy camera offered after 30 minutes of painstaking effort (it should not be this hard, NIKON!!!!):

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