Thursday, November 5, 2009

Way Belated Friday Fotos

Talk about a delay! I'm so behind in everything in life right now- really sucks. :( But, I'm taking a time-out to bring you some very belated Friday Fotos, along with my thoughts. It was another week with a lot of very powerful images and I truly liked them all. See them for yourself here.

This one is so much like a Monet painting- love it.

I think this photo manages to capture some of the angst and torment that so many people feel. My heart is really breaking for this man.

I was torn about posting this graphic photo (the original site contained a pre-warning), but I think it is important to see the realities of bombing and death and horrific actions. American news outlets do not post graphic photos like some other countries' news services do, and I think its a disservice. Though painful, and shocking, and hard to sit with, it is reality. And we can affect it.

Another playful photo where I love the perspective. Someday (someday...) I'll get me one of them thar fancy cameras and experiment with these sorts of perspectives myself.

Ah, beautiful, powerful nature.

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