Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Very Belated Caturday!

Well this is a very special (though very belated!) Caturday that I dedicate to all of the adopted kittens/cats! Three of the four have been adopted. Peanut has become Merlin. Butter(fly) has become Cringer. Prince(ss) has become Sushi. And Almond has become Coco.

Okay, so I know the kittens/cats don't read my blog, or anything else for that matter, but I just want to thank them for bearing with me as I fumbled through my first experience raising a very young litter, and so many kittens at the same time, for that matter! And for all of the joys and yes, even the heartache, that they brought me and got me through. I guess we really helped each other, in so many ways.

And I'm also lucky enough to still have Mr. Tarzan, who never stops purring and makes me feel so loved. :) He has been quite a rewarding fellow, who is slowly quickly wiggling his way into our hearts (but remains up for adoption, dammit!).

Here are my last photos of the remaining members of the gang:

My seat, that they so lovingly always stole. What a zoo!

Peanut and Butter cuddling, with Tarzan actin' a fool

Tower power

The Three Musketeers

The two lil babies

Brotherly Love

Miss Almond in the tunnel I bought for the rabbit. At least someone got some use out of it! (Looking at you, Daisy.)

It's lonely at the top!

A little last-minute bonding, just to make me feel guilty, I tell ya

Ah, some time away from the kittens

Zounds! Someone got comfy!

Ohhhh yeahhhhh

And then hungry

And then evil!

And then there were two...

Can we keep him, momma? Pleaseeeeee?

And then there was one. With his tail curled around my wrist...

His little body on my shoulder...
and his whole, purring being wrapping around my (and RightHand's!) heart.

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