Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Friday's Fotos

Sorry for the delay! But you know, I was a busy girl last week, getting engaged and all. :) (I really can't say that enough! For me. I recognize it's a personal pleasure at this point. :) And also baking for the animal law group bake sale. Here were RightHand and my's creations:

Homemade vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and banana nut muffins
(And my cupcake carrier was the envy of the bake sale! Thanks, Jen!)

We bleed red and black. Or not. Not at all.

Onto the photos! Here are my favorites from last week. Yours?

I look at this photo and think "Simplicity." It just calms me.

This photo is so ripe with political commentary. Tobacco, patriotism, migrant workers... Almost too much to handle.

I think I just love the color in this photo. And that boys are having to deal with make-up. Ha!

A sign of the times. Or should I say "swine of the times"?
I wonder if they did this in the U.S.

Awesome photo

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