Friday, November 6, 2009

A Very Belated Bunday!

Poor Miss Daisy. The kittens and cats get all the fame! the fortune! the glory! and the blog posts. She will have her day. Well, I guess she does- Bunday! And I would promise to give her an extra special Bunday post this Sunday, but then I'd be lying only a few sentences into this post, and that's just bad form.

See, all of my 'regular feature' posts are likely to be late again, as RightHand is taking me on a weekend getaway! To where? I don't know! Oh, surprises are so fun and romantic :) And frustrating. Or at least they must be for RightHand, as he has been fielding questions from his nosey girlfriend at the rate of about 2,000 per hour. They generally go like this: "Am I going to need to bring a bathing suit? Nooooo- don't tell me don'ttellmedon'ttellmedon'ttellme!!!!!!!!!!" I'm so dang excited about this weekend, and though it is a stressful time of the semester and therefore perhaps the worst time to live it up over a whole 3 day weekend, I've decided it's actually the best time. So yay. And I feel like Bridget Jones did when Hugh Grant took her on a Proper Holiday!! This is RightHand and my's first trip/getaway together... wish us luck. :)

So, where was I? Oh, right. Daisy not getting enough attention. How ironic. What a coincidence... (I am astonished at how many things I would call "ironic" are actually just coincidences. Though maybe that was true irony there. Who knows? I have yet to get a good definition of irony. If you've got one, lay it on me.)

Annnnnyway, the kittens/cats weren't the only ones who had a big, crazy weekend...

Talking with sister Latte

Eyeing the TV cords.
(The cats locked out on the porch is simultaneously devastating and hilarious)

Nicely visiting (A mother can dream)

Stand-off/stare-off with brother

Loving her new hay tunnel/burrow
(Note: Daisy would like to apologize for the poo in the picture)

Oh, what's this? says Tarzan...

The kitten cannot get enough of this damn thing.

And it's so darn cute when Daisy goes in!

The poor baby was on display in the middle of RightHand's apartment, though truthfully I think she liked being in on the action. Speaking of action, why yes, that IS Latte looking for trouble on the counter...

She really put on an adorable grooming show for us :)

A nice little portrait

And another. I feel like a mom who is pleased with this year's school photos ;)

And I have saved LA PIECE DE RESISTANCE, the Money Shot, the Other Cliche Description for last...

Oh yes we did...

Clean her scent glands (EWWWWWWWWW)

But oh yes it did...

Result in adorable pictures...

Simultaneously creepy and adorable, am I right?

No worries. The sweet girl was rewarded with a new, larger pen set-up when we got home:

And of course Tarzan wants in!

More on this later. 'Til next time...

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Tracy said...

May your 3-day get away turn out to be loads of fun!