Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 2

So we hit the town on our first night...

And it was offensive

Resting while trying to find something decent to eat

Hottie alert!

Most-photographed building in Helen. Perhaps not well photographed, but photographed.
Image credit: RightHand (teehee)

Inside that building

I loved this sign. It says, "On This Site in 1897 Nothing Happened."

All you need in life, really

A failed photo taken by another couple- darn!

An attempt at a night river shot while we were waiting for the second of three restuarants

The ghost couple returns!

A dark picture saved by Picasa!

This could be my favorite photo of the trip!

Oh yes, we ended up in a Mexican restaurant in a (faux) German town!
And no, this was before my margharita!

A courtyard RightHand liked

Apparently this is what I look like eating at a Mexican restaurant from the outside looking in...

RightHand and Rumpelstiltskin

Me and some nutcrackers (holding back joke...)

View during our magical carriage ride!

RightHand even liked it

I was so excited!

Making friends with our trusty steed, Duke (Check out those personalized blinders!)

Horse muzzle sniffin'!

I may or may not have loved horses since age 3...

I felt like Cinderella :)

And we made it safely and soundly back to the cozy inn :)

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ACE said...

what a fun looking weekend. and ps...our cat MUST be cousins with that black/white one. look on my fb to see...seriously. do you know what breed of cat that is because we've always wanted to know.