Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Caturday!

This Caturday, I'd like to welcome the newest member to our ever-growing family (engagement reference- woot!), Royal. Or, The Artist Formerly Known As Tarzan.

The last of the kittens, he has gotten NO inquiries from Petfinder since day one. But don't tell him that! And it makes no sense to us. Cute pictures, sweet description...what the...?? He really has the best personality and grew on us so much, we just had to call it. He's ours!

Or maybe he was always ours? Or at least, we were his :)

Don't they both look so comfy? Ha!

After the engagement

He's always eating/playing with Daisy's hay!

Royal and Daisy are having a litterbox battle. Daily. How fun for me!

Worked too hard!

Kitten: It's what's for dinner.

Oh. Be still my heart!

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