Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Fotos

The photos were a bit depressing this week, but powerful, as always. Perhaps even more so. Check them all out here.

Poor beautiful creatures :(

I have a love/hate relationship with cities. This is an instance of love!

Oh. My. God. Must have the puffy one on the left!!

I love how this captures that sort of nonchalant fall/jump that we all know. Not sure if I could be so relaxed in Afghanistan, but then again that's why I decided against the Reserves that one day...

Now that is sadness. Heart-breaking sadness. :( And then I read that it was a homecoming! I guess she was letting out the pent up heartache...

Just like how that middle guy looks naked! Haha!

Apparently the protesters just threw human blood (what?!), but this is still a dramatic photo.

Love the red and the light in this photograph.

Happy Friday!

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