Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Way Belated Caturday!

I swear we are not stalking the rescued litter's new owners, but last weekend RightHand and I were able to visit yet another one of our former charges: Peanut! The runt! Runty! Runtelstiltskin! Okay, so his name is (adorably) now Merlin. It was so good for my heart.

He's such a big boy now!!! YAY!

And he looks just like his brother, our Royal

It was too cool to see the runt looking big and well. He is so shiny, fluffy, and healthy!

His mommy loves him (and scratches him and he starts shaking his leg like a dog!)

He was rolling around blissfully

He seemed rather relaxed around us, which his mom said was unusual. Seems like he remembered us!

Here's hoping all of your reunions are this happy!

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