Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Venue #3: Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

Without further ado, here is venue choice #3: The Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, GA. To be fair to this venue, I want to note that the site manager was not available on the weekend, so we showed ourselves around and probably didn't get to hear all of the cool things about it!

Once again, we failed to take enough pictures at this venue. Here are some photos from their website of the inside of the conference center:

Beautiful lobby

Our likely reception room- a round room- very cool

A look at the hallways

And here is the outdoor ceremony site, the Evergreen Pavilion:

I'm ready!!

At the altar/fireplace

Sealing the deal :)

A look out at the lake/a stranger fishing
(Surely this wouldn't go on during the ceremony?!)

And here are some pictures from their website fo what the pavilion can look like for a ceremony:

Whoa! Way different! I like!

Too formal for us, but nice- love that roof!


Zounds! Yes! An Indian wedding- I'll take it!!

To re-cap:

Pros of Evergreen:
-Nature setting that we're seeking
-Unique ceremony setting on a lake
-Great all-inclusive resort feel in Stone Mountain Park
-Beautiful back deck
-Beautiful fireplace/chimney and pavillion
-Recommended by a friend

Cons of Evergreen:
-Lake might be a bit windy
-Stone Mountain idolizes Confederate generals (not so much something we want to support!)
-This sounds weird, but the carpet indoors was a bit LOUD
-Not "Southern" in looks, but "Southern" in location
-Made me want to have an Indian wedding ;)

Once again, I would love to know your thoughts! (You can review the previous options: Venue #1 and Venue #2). And stayed tuned for some miscellaneous venues and the big reveal! :)

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Charlotta-love said...

Very pretty!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Those shoes are actually a few seasons old and are from Payless. That store surprises me with how cute their shoes are.

Best of luck finding a venue. :o)