Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giving Thanks

Better late than never, right? :-p

Well, back by popular demand (okay, just the lovely Randy, who has had a rough go of it lately- please keep her in your thoughts), here is an account of our 2009 Thanksgiving. Next up, Christmas in July! :)

The day started out with delicious gingerbread pancakes from RightHand!

(And my helicopter mother...!)

The sis and I set about fighting making Pumpkin Pie Bites, courtesy of Bakerella

Leave it to me to endanger the laptop rather than just print the recipe... :)

They turned out pretty well, but then again the artistic one of us (not me!) was on the case

A closer look

And then my toddler fiance made some just for me (Thanks, lovey!)

A sampling (I know I did some of these and I am proud!)


After a visit from Elizabeth of Battle Ground lore, the sheeding of PJs and showers, we gathered our goods and took them to the Traylors...

Gee, thank God we made dessert! :-p
(Isn't that just a picture? Literally...)

Another view- breathtaking!!
(Mainly because I couldn't breathe from tight pants after eating all of this ;)

Paul, Jen, and Alison

The beautiful table

Love that shelf and cahndelier!

Other decor

The man doing his job :)

The other happy couple

Another photo as more was added!!

Sophie, the highlight of RightHand's Thanksgiving

The kids' table- yay! (I'm the youngest- haha)

The happy wanna-be family :)

Sophie admiring RightHand- his dream, I'd say: to have a pug's love

Double the trouble!

Trying to capture all of the ladybugs that flew in before dinner
(I've heard of this sort of invasion in other places, but I had never seen it in the South!)

We had a beautiful sunset

The lovers escaped to the porch :)

My first vegetarian Thanksgiving!

My lovely sister from across the table

Then RightHand stole my camera...

And literally set out... take unflattering photos of my mom!!

What a punk!!!
(Joke's on you- she'll be your helicopter mother-in-law for a long time, buddy!! ;)

I actually walked in on the two of them watching football- precious :)

Bein' gangsta with da pug

Full and content.

I decided to love her too

RightHand's favorite picture, he says: Me, a pug, and football :)


"Pwease take me home with you, fake family?" Sure, cutie!

Tamed by the vet. Or all of that turkey. ;)

Hope your Thanksgiving (you know, months and months ago) was full of thanks and giving! :)

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