Monday, March 22, 2010

Marathon Photos!

So, we got our race-side standing spots a leeeeetle early, but I was really paranoid about missing RightHand go by, so better safe than sorry!

We positioned ourselves at the last straightaway/final turn

A look toward the finish line (Do you think ING's official color is orange??)

The photographer

The official time

Me and the poster

And while we waited (3 hours, I think?), we got to see some fun sights:

Oh look- it's Superman!

A woman in a tutu- sweet!

A glimpse of our state trooper friend. On of the day's highlights was when RightHand's mom, Carrie, politely but forcefully asked him to please move, we think he's coming!!

A man with a baby- I was so afraid he was going to fall and drop him (and in front of everyone!) Luckily, no disaster occurred! Well, no word if shaken baby syndrome was encountered...

Woman with antennae

Random dog walker joined in at the finish (Thought RightHand would enjoy a pug photo!)

Towards the end, 1400 schoolkids ran by to complete their 3-month long effort to run a half-marathon (total)

THERE HE IS! Oh, a sight for sore eyes!!

Gettin' closer!
Of course, seriously, everyone started crossing and blocking our view right when RightHand arrived!! Argh!!

There's that smile!

Catch ya later, speedy!

Meow! ;)
The fence is perfectly blocking his leg scar from the accident, but man, this is a man in a moment of triumph, people!

I (in blue coat) ran ahead and met him at the bag check-in tent. I was so freakin' excited!!


His mom, looking like she's near a celebrity :)

Dang it- I blinked! But I loved my little foil-wrapped baked potato!

Post-race massage

The athlete

Alright, getting a bit personal...
Really just wanted to embarrass him by posting these online, so I am done now. ;)

We had a nice, slow walk to the CNN Center where we ate and were merry. A great time after a great accomplishment!

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