Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Things: Calendars

I never knew that I cared too much about what a calendar looks like, but the ladies at Style Lush did it again- made me want things I never knew I wanted. You have been warned!

They presented tons of beauties in this and this post, but here are my favorites:

Mustache 2011 Desktop Calendar by Ruff House Art {14 USD}
(Don't you just wanna pick one up and hold it to your face?!)

2011 Around the World Calendar by P.S. Paper Goods {15 USD}
(Would be great for kids, expanding minds and all of that)

Minimalist Modern by Sure As Blue {11.99 USD}
(Just love it)

Black & White 2011 Desk Calendar by JPress Designs {15 USD}
(Depending on my mood, I can really love black and white)

2011 Evolution of a Tree Calendar by The Rasilisk {17.50 USD}
(Probably my very favorite- though I'd have to display it just like this!)

Forestify 2011 Calendars by Sure As Blue {11.99 USD}
(Love all things nature)

Love this as a hanging idea, so you can see all the lovely pages at once
(Calendar is
Illustrated Owl Calendar by Gingibear {21 USD})

Desk Calendar for Dog Lovers by letterhappy {15 USD}
(Different breed each month!)

Romantic Silhouette Desktop Calendar by Le Papier Studio {9 USD}
(Gorgeous/adorable couple silhouettes every month)

Desktop Calendar by Sweet Bella Cards {18.50 USD}
(Adorable graphics)

Winifred Studios Calendar by Winifred Studios {24 USD}
(Oh, the precious graphics make my heart sing!)

Sustainable Desk Calendar by Girl in Gear Studio {25 USD}
(Sustainable! You can plant the pages! And adorable!)

Mini Desk Calendar by Paper Source {7.95 USD}
(Check out all the pages- bold colors- gorgeous! And cool stand)

Perhaps I'll choose my calendars with a more discerning eye in the future.

And here's to this year being worth recording! :)

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