Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Bunday!

Oh, my sweet little girl...

She had quite an adventure yesterday. Because she has been so naughty when we try to clip her nails, we took her to the North Georgia Chapter of the House Rabbit Society for a nail trimming and brushing.

We cannot say enough good things about this organization!! Everyone was so friendly and SO knowledgeable. You would not belive how much confusion and misinformation is in the rabbit world, and these folks knew their stuff. We were especially convinced when the main volunteer tucked Daisy under her arm and calmly had her nails trimmed in about 2 seconds flat. Plus they have a Hop Shop (to purchase supplies) and a "Hopline" (to call for advice), which is just too darn cute!

Never one to be content with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 animals, we have been toying with the idea of getting a friend for Daisy. Well, the main reason is that everything we've read and everyone we've talked to has emphasized the need for a bunny to be in a "bonded pair". They hang out together, groom each other, and even mourn the other's death (though that just sounds sad...) :(

You can read much more about the fascinating introduction process here, but you can tell within about the first five minutes if two bunnies are going to bond or not.

Since we were already at the Society, we decided to let Daisy meet some suitors (at her age, she can only safely bond with males. You know how females are! ;)

First up: Braveheart-

(Photo courtesy of the NGHRS Facebook page)

RightHand was already in love with him due to his name, RightHand's favorite movie. Daisy? Not so much. Braveheart generally chased her around the pen while she thumped, and he was eventually held off by a volunteer with a broom. Not Mr. Right!

Second up was the suitor chosen by me, S'mores. He is a Rex breed, meaning he has insanely soft fur- like velvet.

Isn't he a cutie?
(Photo courtesy of the NGHRS Facebook page)

Well, things went well, at least for S'mores...

We couldn't get him to stop humping Daisy!!! He had been neutered the day before, so they thought his hormones probably hadn't calmed down yet. For her part, Daisy didn't seem to hat him, since she didn't turn around and bite him, though she eventually jumped in the volunteer's lap for safety. I thought RightHand was going to have a protective father heart attack!!

So, we didn't find her Mr. Right, but we all certainly learned A LOT! Because we don't really know her background, we're not even sure if Daisy has ever seen another bunny! So this was probably extra huge for her.

The lovely lady spent the first hour back home hiding, but she's out and about and back to normal now.

Perhaps in a few months, WHEN I have a job gosh darnit, and when we're in a place that allows more pets (you know, since we're 2 above the max. allowed right now...), we'll go back, and find Ms. Daisy's true love.

'Til next time!

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