Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Caturday!

RightHand loves when he can capture all of our furkids in one shot:

(Royal's ears, Daisy under futon, Gatsby on futon, and Latte to the right)

But he'll settle for photos involving just the 3 kitties:

But imagine his delight when the other day, he was literally sitting next to a pile of cats, caught on (digital) film:

Pile o' kitties
(and tongue action from Gatsby)

Must have been cold for all the siblings to get this close

Royal's waking...

Latte's on to me

Just too cozy
(Okay, are you tired of this yet? ;)

The proud papa

Proof they love him the best (dammit!)

'Til next time... cuddle up!

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