Monday, January 10, 2011


As I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought about my snow day to-do list that I posted here.

It was so... adult. Yuck.

So, I vowed to run and frolic in the snow with RightHand during the following day (today).

Well, the best laid plans of mice and Reagan and all of that... It didn't happen. There were very few people out, it was cold as heck, my "snow stuff" is at my mom's house (if it even fits! Most is from my childhood) and RightHand said the sleet stung when he went outside. I'm not stupid. Or at least that stupid. Plus, going outside requires donning clothing, and my robe and pjs were really working for me. :)

So, maybe the childhood whimsy will return another day. Or maybe that's why we have kids... motivation. Bet you never heard that before, eh?

Let's revisit that list, with updates in blue:

1. LOTS of bar studying- Check! (Though not quite all I wanted to get done)

2. Blog about wedding decisions we have recently (and not-so-recently...) made- As you can see, no check!

3. Organize photos on the computer- Check! (This felt so good! And will hopefully lead to some upcoming blogs with some coherence!)

4. Put away the Christmas decorations (though leaving the winter-themed ones out!)- Check! (Even got RightHand to help for 2 seconds- double check!)

5. Clean the rabbit's cage, the poor thing!! No Check :(

It's charming that I document the neglect of the bunny, right?

Tomorrow looks like another snow day, so here's to getting the rest of it done!

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