Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fotos

Friday Fotos on Friday? AGAIN? (Oh, how could you tell I was supposed to be (re)studying for the Bar? :-p)

You know the deal- here are my faves, go here to pick yours.

Okay, humans should no longer be allowed to touch animals. Ever. Seriously.
Do you think this is really what the patron saint of animals had in mind?

Okay, humans should also never be allowed to touch children. My God.

Oh, I cannot resist these colors!

Protests make me so uncomfortable, no matter what they're for.
How many people will have to suffer before governments start using common sense and compassion?

There have been so many stories of loyal animals in the past few weeks.
Okay, I guess SOME humans can be allowed to have animals... And love love love them.

'Til next week!

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