Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Caturday!

Well, you knew it was coming. Here are some more pics of the kittens :)

Getting so big and eating wet food and formula from a saucer!

Cuteness close-up. And this has started saving me a lot of time. Phew.

Harassing the bunny, Daisy, who will be properly introduced tomorrow...

More harrassment

A clearer picture of harrassment

Watch out, kitten!

After a feeding
(Yes, I did photoshop myself out of this one- it was bad...very bad...)

And then we had some adventures at RightHand's last weekend:

Curled up together under the bed

Then apart

Cuddle brothers

RightHand with the runt

Lookin' tough so as not to lose his street cred ;)


Latte inspecting the situation

Gatsby, looking inquisitively at one of the lighter colored kittens

Oh my God so cute!!!


Cutie (More explanation of his shaved neck later...)

A little devil on the pillow that is absorbing all of the water in the bowl... sheesh!

Utter chaos = my life :)

And sometimes, but only sometimes, I wish this guy had been around :)

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