Saturday, September 26, 2009

Slightly Belated Friday Fotos

I am getting worse and worse at narrowing down my favorites. Here's what caught my eye this week. What catches yours?

Love the perspective in this photo and the farmer's faraway gaze...

It's really the color of this one that grabbed me. Gorgeous.

Not an overly spectacular photo, but a natural sentimental pick. The pictures around GA have been crazy. So happy Athens didn't experience any flooding.

I love the perspective of this photo, mainly because I like envisioning the photographer kneeling down to goat level. :) The goat in the lower right looks like he has his own happy secret. Love it.

Obviously a beautiful old palace and yet another fasdcinating scene that provides so much commentary on Afghanistan...a favorite sport, life goes on, an old dictatorship, beautiful art...

It's really all about perspective this week, and this photo rocks it

I love how this one harkens back to the first one I chose. I also love that the photographer obviously kept and chose this photo. Many might say the flying seeds messed up the picture, but it's truly what makes it.

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