Monday, September 21, 2009

Belated Happy Bunday!

A very, VERY long overdue introduction of my new bunny, Daisy.

She was originally saved by a college theatre major who was in a play that called for a live bunny:

The girl planned on only fostering Daisy (then named Posy), and then I came along on Petfinder. The rest, of course, is history, and a forever home for Miss Daisy. :)

She is such an awesome bun: litterbox trained, out of her pen when I'm home and follows me around (so cute to have a bunny hopping along behind you!), loves treats and earscratches, etc. We shared an apple on the couch together just the other night! I never knew rabbits could be so rewarding!

Video of when she first came to stay with us... (We're at RightHand's apartment and the people from whom we adopted her are there, too):

And another quick video of her hopping:

When we first got her, Latte wouldn't leave her side

And sometimes they still hang out

Hopping into the kitty bed we thought she might like

And she did like it- for about an hour, then never again, of course

Enjoying a carrot!

Yum yum

And the end of the carrot

And some awesome video footage of said carrot and Daisy's adorable circle-chewing:

Don't be fooled; she is a very mischeivious bunny (more on that later...) and the other day she had hopped on my bookshelf and was eyeing some delicious cords:

When she gets relaxed, her little legs fly out from underneath her as she settles in:

So cute

Really cute!


Another cute incident :)

A closer look

Her nice clean playpen

Enjoying her habitat

And this is what it looks like in the morning after she has done some pouting/re-arranging

Trying to escape ;)

She had a funny saddle-like line as her coat shed out

Oh those ears!

Checking things out

Helping mommy spy on the neighbors

And that's Daisy! :)

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Dingo said...

Now I want one! I had no idea bunnies could be so companionable.