Monday, September 28, 2009

Flower Power

So, this blog may make it seem like my life is all animals, all the time. And who am I kidding? It is. But, occasionally I develop outside interests. It's healthier this way. :)

Anyway, lately I dove head first into the organic and local/slow food movement and I'm lovin' it! There is an awesome market here (I cannot sing its praises enough!) that takes online orders from Sunday to Tuesday and then has pick-ups on Thursday. Check it out if you live in the area: Athens Locally Grown. It is right on my way home from school and I have gotten the most delicious milk, sweet potatoes, beans, smoothies, on and on! And, of course, many exotic greens for the bun. Fyi, she does not like Malabar spinach, thankyouverymuch.

A few weeks ago, I order a nice little bouquet to enjoy while RightHand visited over the weekend. And it was just beautiful:

Loved the tin can it was in

The flowers grew at a neat angle

Such vibrant color

This is basically my favorite color

Such an awesome, unexpected flower color

Later that weekend, RightHand and I drove a little North of Athens to go help rehabilitate some abused dogs that a law school professor has rescued. He has a pack of 14 now, I believe, about half are his own (well, I guess they're all his now!) and half are from the abusive situation.

I've been to their place many times now, and it is an awesome heart-warming experience that, surprisingly, I don't have any pictures of! Guess we're too busy with the dogs!Anyway, i have gotten to know him and his wife pretty well now, and they are genuinely nice people with a great piece of property. Before we left, they gave us this lovely magnolia to enjoy at home:

Such a lovely shape

So pure white and pretty, we enjoyed it thoroughly!

Here's hoping your days are flower-filled!

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I love those flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!