Friday, September 4, 2009

Want You Back For Good

I'm back! I swear! The beginning of school plus doctor's appointments plus animal ownership plus animal rescue = one woman with no time or energy to blog. But finally, this Friday night has offered me a chance to breathe and update.

First of all, I simply want to whine about the number of appointments I've had in the past few weeks. No joke:
8/19: Chiropractor
8/20: Bunny to vet
8/21: Sports medicine doc; chiropractor
8/22: Massage (Okay, that was a niiiiiice appointment)
8/24: Psychiatrist; chiropractor
8/25: Orthopedist; Chiropractor; Dentist
8/26: Chiropractor
8/27: Dentist; GP; Chiropractor
8/31: GP; Chiropractor
9/2: Lab; Chiropractor
9/4: GP

And next week already has 5 appointments on deck. Reasons for all of these visits?
-Pain in my hand which turned out to be a nodule in my tendon- possible surgery
-Starting with new, very thorough but very helpful chiropractor
-CONSTANT, CHRONIC nausea- speculated to be: Pregnancy, IBS, and gallstones. So far: none of the above. The search continues next week.

Thank you for coming to my pity party!!

More of an update later on the animal rescue side of things, but for now, a photo to tantalize you:

Why yes, that IS a pile of kittens!

More soon. Gosh it feels good to be back.