Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Belated Caturday!

Well, I'd like you to finally meet the new lovelies in my life, known collectively as "The Kittens". My friend Amy heard one of them screaming and crying in the woods outside of her apartment. She brought him inside, cleaned him up, and called me, her animal freak friend, naturally. :)

When I arrived (she met me at the door with the kitten in just the palm of her hand! Tiny!) I told her that it was kind of weird to find just one; we had better look for more. Well, we found three more! We got a brief glimpse of the mama cat, and we are still trying to trap her and at least get her spayed.

The kittens, two black and two Siamese-y, have been with me for about three weeks now. In the beginning, there was a big huddle as they were unsure of what fate had befallen them.

And the occasional timid venture away from the rest. Here is the loud mouth that got them all rescued. :)

Love the perfect alternating pattern

Then it was all about the bottle-feeding. Constantly.

It gets a little messy. More on that later...

Some footage

And cuteness. Oh the cuteness!

And the mischief:

On the keyboard tray of the desk

Had to tape the bed to the cabinets because they kept tipping it over and getting trapped!

And the playfulness as they grow:

Some awesome footage of their playtime. It gets pretty damn cute in the middle:

And the naps as they wear themselves out:

Napping on my free weights, of course

Two buds

More to come, of course. They are too cute and I can't stop taking pictures! :)

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Dingo said...

I'm so glad you found them! How lucky for them. And us. We get all of the cute but none of the litter box.