Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, most things considered, things with the kittens have gone rather swimmingly. Except for the near deaths. Yeahhhh, those were no good...

So, I promised I'd explained the runty's shaved neck:

(omg he's sooo cute)

Well, the kittens were very messy bottle drinkers, and they had matted fur all over their chests. Already having traumatized them with baths twice, I decided to trim the matted fur off one night. Well, I went at it with a big honkin' pair of normal scissors, and the first kitten went well, but then...then...I accidentally cut the chest of the little runt. It didn't bleed, and he didn't even make a sound, but I realized I was holding a little more than just hair in my hand. I looked. I winced. I grimaced. I could actually see a vein in his neck, and I started freaking out! It was like it was behind tissue paper; it was opaque and not bleeding, but I didn't know what to do. I called my sister's fiance, a vet, but he was so sleepy that he wasn't making any sense. My sister grabbed the phone and said, "I'm trying to wake him up, but you need to get that cat to a vet!"

So, around midnight, we headed to the emergency vet. Luckily, the little guy only needed one stitch, and we were home by 1 a.m and $180 poorer. Ouch.

He has recovered just fine, but I feel like an idiot! Can't believe I harmed the kitten and cost myself so much money for just a cosmetic reason! And I feel like I need to adopt him out of guilt!! But NO DON'T ENCOURAGE ME!!!

The second little mishap occurred at RightHand's apartment. The kittens discovered a tattered towel that was a blast to play with, and we left them to themselves in RightHand's room. Well, we checked on them a while later, only to find the creamy runt caught with the towel threads around his neck, his little feet nearly off the ground. He nearly hanged himself!

I really bet these kittens wish I had just left them in the woods!

The final (HAHA) mishap occurred a few weeks ago, when I put their bottles and dishes in the dishwasher and then thought it was odd that I smelled a candle burning. Candle indeed:

Buh-bye, bottle...

I am happy to report that everyone continues to be happy and healthy. And up for adoption:

Tarzan (aka Big Blackie):

Princess (aka Fluffy):

Butterfly (aka Creamy Runty):

Peanut (aka Runtelstiltskin):

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