Saturday, September 19, 2009

Belated Friday Fotos

And once again, here are my favorites. Go here to pick yours and vote for your favorite.

I certainly do not support the modeling industry, but I thought this picture was awesomely ethereal and , for me, captured the strangeness of humans being on display for others...

This is just crazy. I cannot imagine this way of life:

This was an interesting story, but such a wasteful protest :(

The story that accompanied this photo is heartbreaking. Talk about a casualty of war.

I love the expression on this man's face, as well as Obama's. I have always enjoyed Obama's comforting voice and demeanor, and imagine he is good in these situations. I also love that Obama is obviously not under an umbrella and his suit is wet.

This photo feels almost too cliche, but it is so beautiful.

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