Friday, December 4, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 6

Last day! The next morning, RightHand set off alone and took a few pics:
From the porch

The backyard of the Inn- we never truly got over it!

Luckily there was still a bit of fall color for us

Wall carving that he liked

View from the crow's nest

And another

So pretty

First self-portrait attempt

So precious

The snack/breakfast buffet area

Our first stop of the day: Nora Mills Granary

RightHand found a friend!

'Twas a very cool place

And had this beautiful river and dam out back (now that I think out it, that's obvious, huh?) and some fly fishermen

The fishermen

The dam and me

So scenic

A fish was caught- so sad :(

Back inside the mill, we were greeted with a strangely placed advertisement for a local photographer. To the right, you can see some of the grain chutes- it was a working mill!

The cashier

The farm stand I insisted on stopping at. RightHand, ignoring his Southern roots and propensity to say y'all, acted appalled.

Funny sign

Hat display- the picture in the middle was of Kenny Chesney wearing one of those fine hats. Okay, so it was a little appalling...

On the drive to our next destination. The colors were so much more beautiful than this picture lets on. At one point it was truly an orange wonderland!

And we're here! And we actually ran into our masseuse from the Inn- small world, er, town!

A little freaked out by all the bear warnings!

Breathtaking woods

We found this tree with a heart shape on it! I'm hoping to incorporate this into our wedding... more on that later, of course!

Kind of a scary edge! And RightHand always makes me walk on the edges!

I look alone and afraid. I was probably waiting for the bears.

Beautiful rock formations and such- these were great woods!

Just hikin' along (and so very not dressed for it!)
Hiking in a sweater on a mildly warm day, isn't that brilliant? RightHand had to wipe the sweat off of my back a few times with his own sweater. It was so romantic.

There were some beautiful "false waterfalls" on the way to the big 'un

Pretty pretty

God I love nature

Oh yes

But do not like fearing for my new fiance's life! Even if he is so very dashing while daring :)

He kindly took a pic of the view so I wouldn't have to risk getting killed to see the same thing

More woods action. That thar was a cool mossy log. And I learned that RightHand does not appreciate mossy logs like I do. Lame.

Mossy log, I love thee

Havin' some fun

Do you know how cute this picture could've been?! Damn!

Random tree fell in the forest. Do you think anyone heard it? Har har...

A little burst of red

Finally! The mother waterfall!

Very cool

Hello from Raven Cliff Falls!

The source

Looking up our root ladder

Me startin' to climb

My Indiana Jones...swoon!

Feelin' like a badass- the climb was awesome

Weird perspective down a little canyon

Another look

Made it!

View from the top

Hottie on the hill!

Mediocre success

There we go!

One last look down the mossy canyon

Me at the top!

Thus concludes the Engagement Getaway Posts! Kissy kissy kissy!

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