Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 3

Me at breakfast the next morning
Cinnamon apple pancakes = Happy Reagan

'Twas a beautiful morning- we had great luck!

Cute sign

Enjoying the back porch

Signing up for and keeping in touch with the world :)

Finally calling my mom back after I refused to talk to her while sleeping in the car on the way! Poor mama!

Pretty view of the gazebo

Wider shot

The covered bridge we set out to find

It was neat, but so graffitied :(

Swooning like way back when
(Or like yeah, if you so prefer)

More normal pose

Beautiful creek underneath

The picture didn't turn out, but the sign said "No Household Trash"; North GA has the weirdest signs

The bridge we crossed- so serene

Hottie alert!

RightHand likes to take pictures of the markers and read them later.
I, on the other hand, am an intellectual. ;)

Really, people? Spraypaint on this beautiful bridge?

The ring was there, too :)

The Old Sautee Store
(You can see me high-tailin' it to the cafe on the left- please withhold the fat jokes!)

I loved this sign- wonder what Cardui is...?

The adorable (and yummy!) cafe where we ate

View looking away from the cafe

Inside the store... You know it's always time for a jig in a general store!

The Hansel and Gretel Chocolate Factory. Turned out to be kind of lame, sadly...

More pics of Helen as we passed through. Yup, everything looks regulation to me, sir!

Cute buildings, lovely mountains

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