Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Caturday!

Two weeks ago, I promised that it would next be Gatsby's turn to shine. Here we go:

Comfy buddy

Oh my Lord that sweet face!

Hangin' with sister

And to whom do those beautiful stripes belong?

It's Gatty!

Exposed by Daddy!

He should be admiring his handsomeness in the mirror!

Sleepy Sweeties

Yes, Latte, you have to share!

Hiding from Daisy!

Scaredy cats!

Mom, she's hogging the toy!


Livin' the life!

Clearly has accepted Sister...

Now that's some synchronized napping!

Gosh I love this big boy :)

1 comment:

ACE said...

i LOVE that you let your cats go on the porch! we never did that...what a fun idea!