Friday, December 4, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 5

Shot of us at the tavern later on. Oh yes, strangers love us... gag!

The pizza place/tavern, complete with celebrating soccer team

The Helen fountain and lights at night

A little brighter

So if ever RightHand were going to call off the engagement, it would have been this night. You guys, I literally FLIPPED MY SHIT trying to find ice cream in Helen on a Sunday night. It was a combo of PMS, old eating disorder neuroses, and a little bit of natural crazy. I'm sorry, lovey. Long story short, we found some here, at the Hansel and Gretel downtown location. And it was not very good. But we ate it anyway. And got some better stuff the next day. Daily ice cream. We're meant to be.

And here's RightHand's much more chipper interpretation of what a Debbie Downer I was:

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