Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Caturday!

We are enjoying the holiday season with our furry friends. To start, we had our first fire last night, and it scared Gatsby, had no effect on Royal, and intrigued Latte:

Checking out her new fleece blanket from PetSmart

Fire, what fire?

Ah ha! I am the King of the Jungle (And Fire)!

And then a Christmas miracle occurred! For the first time ever, all three of them piled into the cat bed together. It made my heart sing:

Royal looks as stunned as I was

And now, I am only sharing this with you because I love you, dear readers, so consider yourself cursed lucky. Here it is: The Hicks/Bush Family Annual Christmas Photo:

Not pictured: Wayward bunny

Hope you are enjoying the season!

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ACE said...

I think that not only if you lived out here we would be great would our cats! Our cat is OBSESSED with fire. When it is not on, he waits for it and even knows which light switch turns it on!