Thursday, December 3, 2009

Engagement Getaway, Part 4

The visitor's center of Anna Ruby Falls

Beautiful creek/river on the path to the waterfall

Uhhhhh, turning back now...

I kept flashing my ring when RightHand would try to snap a pic :)

The kind of landscape we love

Gratuitous ring shoot!

Okay, okay...without the ring now. Awesome photo!

Awwww- couple shot! (Is anyone noticing my GUT?! Holy crap!)
Also, for posterity, I've got to not that the man taking our picture had a foreign accent, as if from Greece or something. And when thanking him, RightHand called him AMIGO.

I love when water is randomly coming out of rocks. And I learned why. And I've since forgotten.

Up the side of the path (We hiked on a trail up there a bit)

There's really no childhood connection or anything, but I have started FREAKING OUT when we see Smokey the Bear stuff. Here I am, at the ready!

The path was pretty sweet

The Ring and I (Get it?! The King and I! I'll be here all night, allllll niiiight, folks)

And then it happened.

RightHand stopped breathing.

I panicked. What was wrong? We hadn't even made it to the wedding!

He was gesturing wildly.

He was flailing.


And then I saw it:

You may know, RightHand LOVES pugs. He was right up there with all the little kids. It's endearing. :)

The Waterfall(s)!

Annnnd, back to the pug. Look at the rolls on that little sausage!

RightHand and Caesar- BFF 4 EVA!

I heart this pic!

The falls were quite impressive

Wider shot

So high!

Proof I was there!

Proof I'll be there in the afterlife!
(Why do I post crappy pictures? Dunno.)

Haha- I just watched this literally two second video and I HAVE to post it because all you can hear is the rush of water and me saying "They've abandoned the pug!" I believe I was trying to quickly plan a dog-napping. Didn't work out. Bummer. :(

Me again, with my park pass sticker- sweet


I loved the fallen leaves resting on the rocks

A lamp in the gift shop that I wanted to get my mom for our cabin. Except I didn't have $400!! HOLY CRAP WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! THIS IS A NATIONAL PARK (OR PERHAPS STATE) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

A weird haunted house and pink tubing bus on our way back...

Stuck in Helen's version of rush hour, so we took a pic of this hotel that had been recommended to us. Didn't go though- hard to be a vegetarian with all of the German meats floating around. (That's what she said?)

Where we later returned for dinner...

What greeted us at the Inn...

The view

If you look really hard, you can see the little rectangular sign I spied that said "Trail" and pointed right. It basically half-circled the inn and was quite leafy!

Ahhhhh- what I had wanted all day!

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